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ATCM XXVIII Picture 02.jpg
Entrance to Meeting Room 2

ATCM XXVIII Picture 03.jpg
Printing office at ATCM XXVIII

ATCM XXVIII Picture 04.jpg
Papers ready for delegates at ATCM Meeting Room

ATCM XXVIII Picture 06.jpg
ATCM XXVIII Heads of Delegation (HoD) meeting room

ATCM XXXII picture 05.jpg
Entrance to Meeting Room 2

ATCM XXXII picture 06.jpg
Daily schedule on the screens

Due to special prevention regulations implemented by Covid -19, the space between delegates is enlarged compared to other normal meetings.


Local staff, Secretariat Staff and CEP Chair configuring the table of authorities


View from an interpreters booth of the CEP meeting room while it is being configured

ATCM XXXV picture 09.jpg
Printing documents for ATCM XXXV


ATCM XXXVI picture 07.jpg
Heads of Delegation meeting room


ATCM XXXVII picture 05.jpg
General view of the CEP XVII meeting. On the screen Birgit Njaastad (Norway)

ATCM XXXVII picture 07.jpg
Technical support to ATCM XXXVII

ATCM XXXVII picture 08.jpg
ATCPs flags at the ATCM XXXVII venue

ATCM XXXVII picture 08.jpg
ATCP flags at the ATCM XXXVII venue

ATCM XXXVII picture 09.jpg
Secretariat office at ATCM XXXVII

ATCM XXXVIII picture 10.jpg
Consultative Parties flags at the entrance of ATCM XXXVIII venue

ATCM XXXIX picture 05.jpg
Reception desk at ATCM XXXIX venue


ATCM XXXIX picture 06.jpg
Interpreters working at ATCM XXXIX


ATCM XL picture 09.jpg
Partial view of Antarctic school children paintings exhibited during the ATCM XL


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