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ATCM XXXIV picture 09.jpg
Printing office at ATCM XXXIV

ATCM XXXIV picture 08.jpg
Partial view of the Plenary session of ATCM XXXIV. The technical table in foreground.

ATCM XXXIV picture 02.jpg
Speech by Dr. Lino Barañao, Argentine Minister of Science and Technology. On the left Dr. Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary, on the right Minister Ariel Mansi (Argentina) Chair of ATCM XXXIV

ATCM XXXIII picture 09.jpg
Reception facilities at ATCM XXXIII

ATCM XXXIII picture 05.jpg
Printed documents for ATCM XXXIII

ATCM XXXII picture 06.jpg
Daily schedule on the screens

ATCM XXXII picture 05.jpg
Entrance to Meeting Room 2
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