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ATCM XXVIII Picture 04.jpg
Papers ready for delegates at ATCM Meeting Room

ATCM XXVIII Picture 03.jpg
Printing office at ATCM XXVIII

ATCM XXVIII Picture 02.jpg
Entrance to Meeting Room 2

ATCM XXVIII Picture 01.jpg
From left to right: Stig Berglind (Sweden), Deputy Secretary General , Folke Lofgren (Sweden), Secretary General , Hans Corell (Sweden), ATCM Chair, Jan Huber (Secretariat), Executive Secretary and José María Acero (Secretariat)

Picture 010a.jpg
Ambassador Hans Corell (centre), Chairperson at ATCM XXVIII held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 6 to 17 June 2005

Picture 013.jpg
Signing of Annex VI to the Environment Protocol during ATCM XXVIII, held in Stockholm, Sweden, 2005
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