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ATCM XXXVIII picture 10.jpg
Consultative Parties flags at the entrance of ATCM XXXVIII venue

ATCM XXXVIII picture 09.jpg
ATCM XXXVIII Venue and an Antarctic photo show on the street of Sofia

ATCM XXXVIII picture 08.jpg
His Excellency Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria welcoming delegates to a reception organized by the host country of ATCM XXXVIII

ATCM XXXVIII picture 07.jpg
General view of the Meeting of the WG on Operations and Science

ATCM XXXVIII picture 06.jpg
On thestage: Daniela Sampaio (Secretariat) assistant, Jane Francis (United Kingdom) WG Chair and Pablo Wainschenker (Secretariat) Secretary

ATCM XXXVIII picture 05.jpg
From left to right: Daniela Sampaio (Secretariat) assistant, Rene Lefeber (Netherlands) Chair of WG 1, Paul Davies (Secretariat) Secretary, Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary

ATCM XXXVIII picture 04.jpg
Partial view of ATCM XXXVIII Plenary session

ATCM XXXVIII picture 03.jpg
From left to right: Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary, Daniela Sampaio (Secretariat) assistant, Rayko Raytchev (Bulgaria) Chair of ATCM XXXVIII and Vesselin Valchev (Bulgaria) Secretary

ATCM XXXVIII picture 02.jpg
Bulgarian children dancing a folkloric dance at the opening of the ATCM XXXVIII

ATCM XXXVIII picture 01.jpg
His Excellency Rosen Plevneliev, President of the Republic of Bulgaria, welcoming the delegates

Heads of Delegation picture at ATCM XXXVIII held in Sofia, Bulgaria, from 1 to 10 June 2015
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