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Executive Secretary at ATCM XXXI
Jan Huber, Antarctic Treaty Secretary, at ATCM XXXI held in Kiev, Ukraine, 2008

President of Uruguay at ATCM XXXIII
José Mujica, President of Uruguay, at the opening ceremony of ATCM XXXIII, held in Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2010

Chairman and Executive Secretary at ATCM XXXI
Professor Serhiy Komisarenko, Chairperson and Johannes Huber, Executive Secretary, at a meeting session during ATCM XXXI, held in Kiev, Ukraine, 2008

Plenary session at ATCM XXIX. On the screen Sir Michael Wood KCMG (United Kingdom), Chair of the XXIX ATCM

Opening session at ATCM XXXV
The chairman Mr Richard Rowe (center), Secretary Dr. Manfred Reinke (right) and Deputy Secretary mr Andrew Jackson (left) at the opening plenary session held in Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Chairman at ATCM XXVIII
Ambassador Hans Corell (centre), Chairperson at ATCM XXVIII held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 6 to 17 June 2005

Vice Premier of China at ATCM XL
H.E. Zhang Gaoli Vice Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China At the Opening Session of the 40th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting

Bob Hawke and Michel Rocard
Bob Hawke (Former Prime Minister of Australia) and Michel Rocard (Former Prime Minister of France) at ATCM XXXV

ATCM XLII Chair and collaborators
ATCM Chair and collaborators at ATCM XLII. (From left to right) Albert Lluberas (ATS Exec. Secretary), Martin Smolek (ATCM Chairman - Czech Republic), Daniela Portella Sampaio (ATS), Pavel Kapler (Head of the HC Secretariat).

Working Group 2 (Operations and Tourism) at ATCM XLII
Working Group 2 Chairs and collaborators at ATCM XLII. (From left to right) Joaquin Gonzalez Marchant (rapporteur), José María (Tito) Acero (ATS), Min. Máximo Gowland (Tourism and NG Activities Chair - Argentina), Prof. Dam. Jane Francis (Operations…

Lunch break
From left to right: Sergio Marensi (Argentina), José María Acero (Secretariat) and Manuel Catalán (Spain)

Support to ATCM XXX
Members of the Host Country Secretariat and the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat during ATCM XXX

José María Acero (Secretariat) and Máximo Gowland (Argentina)

Delegates at ATCM XXXIX
From left to right: Manfred Reinke (Secretariat), Patricio Powell and Francisco Berguño (Chile)

Election of the Executive Secretary
The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat Executive Secretary Manfred Reinke (Germany) and the elected new Executive Secretary Albert Lluberas (Uruguay) on the left

ATCM XLII Chair and collaborators
From left to right: Albert Lluberas (Secretariat) Executive Secretary, Martin Smolek (Czech Republic) Chair of ATCM XLII, Daniela Sampaio (Secretariat) assistant and Pavel Kapler (Czech Republic) Secretary

On the stage from left to right: Joaquin Gonzalez (Secretariat) rapporteur, José María Acero (Secretariat) Secretary, Máximo Gowland (Argentina) Co-Chair WG 2, Jane Francis (United Kingdom) Co-Chair WG 2 and Richard Skinner (Secretariat) assistant

CEP XXII Meeting
From left to right: Anna Balok (Secretariat) assistant, Pablo Wainschenker (Secretariat) Secretary, Birgit Njaastad (Norway) CEP Chair, Cecilie Von Quillfeldt, (Norway) assistant and Pavel Kapler (Czech Republic) HC Secretary of ATCM XLII

From left to rioght: Máximo Gowland (Argentina) Co-Chair of WG 2, Jane Francis (United Kingdom) Co-Chair WG 2 and José María Acero (Secretariat) Secretary of WG 2

UK Representative at ATCM XVI
John A. Heap, UK representative at ATCM XVI
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