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Meeting room during discussions at Working Group on Tourism and Non-governmental activities. The Chair, Mr. Maximo Gowland (Argentina) on the screen.


View from the Chair´s table of the meeting room during Working Group on Tourism and Non-governmental activities


ATCM XXXVIII picture 07.jpg
General view of the Meeting of the WG on Operations and Science

ATCM XXXVIII picture 06.jpg
On thestage: Daniela Sampaio (Secretariat) assistant, Jane Francis (United Kingdom) WG Chair and Pablo Wainschenker (Secretariat) Secretary

ATCM XXXIV picture 04.jpg
On the Stage from left to right: Paul Davies (Secretariat), Secretary, Anastasia Guretskaya (Secretariat) assistant, Richard Rowe (Australia) WG Chair and Dr Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary


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