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General view of the ATCM Plenary (Buenos Aires, 2018)

General view of the CEP Meeting during Beijing, 2017

Front, left to right: Patricia Ortúzar, Fernanda Millicay, Marisol Vereda, Andrea Capurro, María Teresa Králikas (HoD) Adolfo Humarán and Jorge Sartor. Back, left to right: Juan Barreto, Máximo Gowland, Claudio Musso Soler, Rodolfo Sánchez and…

Printed copies of WP17, presented by several Parties to the CEP XIV Meeting (Buenos Aires, 2011)

Top row, left to right: Manuel Correa, Sergio Marenssi, Odile Hourcade, Juan Barreto, Carlos Bunge, Walter McCormack, Luciana Motta, Rodolfo Sánchez, Máximo Gowland and Fausto López Crozet. Middle row, left to right: Hugo Casela, Pablo Graziano,…

Working Group on Tourism, chaired by Don Mc Kay (New Zealand). Besides, standing: Tito Acero (ATS)

Above, left to right: Sergio Marenssi y Máximo Gowland. Below, left to right: Mariano Mémolli, Fausto López Crozet (HoD) y Rodolfo Sánchez.

Imagen 598.jpg
Left to right: Sergio Marenssi, Verónica Vlasich, Carlos Bunge, Rodolfo Sánchez, Juan Barreto, Fausto López Crozet, Ariel Mansi (HoD), Mariano Mémolli and Patricia Ortúzar.

Imagen 581.jpg
Signature of the Headquarters Agreement between Argentina and the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting for the establishment of the Secretariat in Buenos Aires, during the XXXIII ATCM (Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2010).
Below, left to right: Manfred…

Imagen 541.jpg
Presided by Chuck Kennicutt (SCAR), to the left: Albert Lluberas (URU)

General view of a Working Group, XXXII ATCM (Baltimore, USA, 2009)

Panoramic view of a Working Group session during XXXII ATCM (Baltimore, USA, 2009)

Above, left to right: Rodolfo Sánchez, Máximo Gowland, María Elena Daverio, Sergio Marenssi and Fausto López Crozet. Below, left to right: Ariel Mansi (HoD) and Mariano Mémolli.

Left to right: Máximo Gowland, Rodolfo Sánchez, Fausto López Crozet, María Elena Daverio, Mariano Memolli and Sergio Marenssi.

Left to right: Fausto López Crozet (ARG), Tito Acero (STA), Ewan Mc Ivor (AUS), Rodolfo Sánchez (ARG) and Máximo Gowland (ARG)

Delegates during a break of CEP XI Meeting (Kiyv, Ukraine, 2008)

Entrance of the venue of ATCM XXX held in New Delhi, India in 2007

Left to right: Tito Acero (STA), Rodolfo Sánchez (ARG), Aldo Felici (URU) Alan Hemmings ?(ASOC), Antoine Guichard (COMNAP), Ricardo Roura (ASOC) and Mariano Aguas (ASOC).

Official reception for the XXIX ATCM inauguration in Edinburgh Castle (United Kingdom). Left to right: Ewan Mc Ivor (AUS), Rodolfo Sánchez (ARG), Roderick Downie (UK) and Tom Maggs (AUS).

IX Meeting of the Committee for Environmental Protection, Edinburgh (2006)
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