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Plenary session at ATCM XXXIV, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2011


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heads of Delegation picture at ATCM XXXIV held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 20 June to 1st. July 2011


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Plenary session of ATCM XXXIV

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Speech by Dr. Lino Barañao, Argentine Minister of Science and Technology. On the left Dr. Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary, on the right Minister Ariel Mansi (Argentina) Chair of ATCM XXXIV

ATCM XXXIV picture 03.jpg
Partial view of the Opening Plenary of the ATCM XXXIV

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On the Stage from left to right: Paul Davies (Secretariat), Secretary, Anastasia Guretskaya (Secretariat) assistant, Richard Rowe (Australia) WG Chair and Dr Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive Secretary


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Partial view of the CEP XIV meeting. On the screen Jose Maria Acero (Secretariat) and Yves Frenot (France) CEP Chair

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From left to right: Pablo Wainschenker (Secretariat) assistant, Jose María Acero (Secretariat) Secretary, Yves Frenot (France) CEP Chair and Dominique Dalmas (France) assistant

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Rapporteur taking notes at ATCM XXXIV

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Partial view of the Plenary session of ATCM XXXIV. The technical table in foreground.

ATCM XXXIV picture 09.jpg
Printing office at ATCM XXXIV

Institutional video displayed during ATCM XXIII in order to present the following ATCM XXXIVheld in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2011.

Above, left to right: Sergio Marenssi y Máximo Gowland. Below, left to right: Mariano Mémolli, Fausto López Crozet (HoD) y Rodolfo Sánchez.

Working Group on Tourism, chaired by Don Mc Kay (New Zealand). Besides, standing: Tito Acero (ATS)

Top row, left to right: Manuel Correa, Sergio Marenssi, Odile Hourcade, Juan Barreto, Carlos Bunge, Walter McCormack, Luciana Motta, Rodolfo Sánchez, Máximo Gowland and Fausto López Crozet. Middle row, left to right: Hugo Casela, Pablo Graziano,…

Printed copies of WP17, presented by several Parties to the CEP XIV Meeting (Buenos Aires, 2011)
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