This Image Bank contains representative photographs of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings, the Committee for Environmental Protection, and the events associated with them since the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959. The page also provides representative images of the field work carried out by the Parties in Antarctica, in pursuit of compliance with the regulations established by the ATCM and the CEP.

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Recently Added Items

SCAR lecture at ATCM XXXIX

ATCM XXXIX picture 04.jpg

From left to right: Kazuyuki Shiraishi President of COMNAP, Jerónimo López Martinez President of SCAR, Manfred Reinke (Secretariat) Executive…

CEP III Meeting

SATCM XII picture 01.jpg

José María Acero (Argentina) left, and Tom Maggs (Australia) right

Argentine delegation

DC 1959 picture 02.jpg

Part of the Argentine delegation to the 1959 Diplomatic Conference. Second from the right Juan Carlos Beltramino

Argentine delegation

DC 1959 picture 01.jpg

From right to left: Roberto Guyer, Juan Carlos Beltramino and Adolfo Scilingo

Plenary of ATCM XVII

ATCM XVII picture 01.jpg

Partial view of the Plenary session of ATCM XVII